Food Issues

I admit it. When it comes to food, I am like a trash can. I eat everything that is put on my plate and I make sure I finish them good. This was how I was brought up at home. If we said no to a dish, we were sure to get double servings of it. Although Amma took mercy on us sometimes, Appa was pretty rigid when it came to Booah aka food.

I am, and my husband would vouch for it, a deal hunter. Although I am not at the risk of being featured on The Coupon Addict (or Extreme Cheapskates) anytime soon, I feel immense excitement when I find something that I want on sale. I love WalMart and Costco. Not many people would say that out loud about the former but I cannot keep it in. See, WalMart is like the period. Everyone knows about it but no one talks about it. So yes, I do make my weekly trips to the nearest outlet and stock up on store brand stuff.

So when this whole organic lifestyle became popular, I did not take heed. I felt that the damage to my system was already done. I grew up on fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market behind our house in India. Although we got fresh stock of produce every day, who knows what went into cultivating them, right? So apart from those summertime farmer’s market trips in the Alabama home, organic food pretty much stayed out of the house. Until Aarabhi.

See, with our children, we hate taking chances. We worry about unknown diseases and wonder about what chemicals go into mass cultivating crops. This routine regularly keeps me up at night. To top it all, I extensively read about an extensive number of subjects on the internet. At the end of the day, comments like “I don’t want my daughter to get her period at four,” and “I don’t want her to develop boobs at seven,” on Organic Foods forum really get to me. In a funnily horrifying way! Would I be compromising my daughter’s health and her childhood by picking up that Beech Nut bottle of baby food instead of Earth’s Best at the store? I might.

I hate leaving things up to fate because fate is still something I have my reservations about. I will contemplate later. So we have consciously chosen to go organic with Kohl. Not us. Only her. I make my weekly trips to our local Publix (ugh) and Earth Fare (which I love, btw). I choose the green tab range of Gerber foods and blindly pick any five vegetarian choice that Earth’s Best has to offer. So what if I get funny glances from snooty shoppers, like I don’t belong here? And so what if I realize that I have my cami on the wrong way under my sweater (a result of getting dressed in the dark) only after the billing clerk pointedly stares at it?

I know I don’t belong here and I really don’t give a sh!t about it. But for Aarabhi, I will make peace with it all.

2 thoughts on “Food Issues

  1. This is how we are with our kids till they grab some stuff we dont want to give them and gobble it up before we can even blink! There comes a time when they have the last word.

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