That Pretty Face…

There are all types of social media moms. The ones that talk about their children on every update, the kind that put up pics of them, the kind that ignore the fact that they have children and the ones like me, who border on hypocrisy. But manage not to get there. I respect all the mothers mentioned in the list, I most certainly do.

When you have a child that is as beautiful as the full moon, you cannot help but wonder how you lucked out big time in the baby department. You will feel this deep pang of love that cannot equate anything on this big wide earth. And then you hit social media. You want the world to know how proud you are to have made this wonderful human so you put up pictures to show off and prove your point. Who can resist hitting that Like button on a baby’s picture on Facebook, tell me? I cannot. And sub consciously, I look forward to knowing  what my wonderful friends’ children did that day.
face2In a way, it is a learning exercise for me. Thanks to the many pictures I come across on social media, I now know what little Kohl would be up to at 14 months, that she would be jumping up and down like a caffeinated chimp at 18 months and that she will lose her love for food at 24 months. I also learned that I should not let all this affect me and drive me crazy (best of luck with that, V). But why is a mother who is readily willing to share stories not loving the idea of  putting up her baby’s face on soc med?

Notice I said face. Aarabhi’s arms, nose, feet and head are all over social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even the blogs. Why not her pretty face, right? Well, I kinda feel queasy about that. I study technology at school. In the first week of the Fall semester, my professor who led a course called Leadership Series on Information Systems said something in class that changed my whole perspective in the way I look at the world. He said that having our pictures up on the internet is a choice that we make consciously. But we give our kids no option. They might grow up to be introverts who do not want anything to do with Facebook or other websites (unless they become obsolete by then). Have we given them a choice? Nope.

Pictures of them in their diapers, eating Idli off the floor and wearing weird Christmas hats are all over for everyone to look at. Funny, I admit. But our children would probably beg to differ. So yes, I am very cautious but sometimes, when I click pictures that I cannot resist showing the world, I try editing out her face. Like this:
faceMy husband and I decided before Kohl was born that her pretty little face will not make it to Facebook. Apart from a couple of pictures he and my mother put up to introduce her to the world, Kohl has pretty much been banished from the ‘net. I kinda already dread the time when I will run into her social media profile on the internet some day and try not wincing  at obvious signs that my little girl has grown up. Hence, I certainly have no will to speed that process.

For now, her head and other limbs would suffice. As I mentioned before, my ideas just border on hypocrisy, I try not to cross that line.

2 thoughts on “That Pretty Face…

  1. Vaish this so reminds me of Aarya. I took a few snaps of him wearing the funny mustachioed glasses when he was here and he extracted a promise from me that I will not share the snaps on any social media. He is one super kid who knows and expresses his mind.

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