Aarabhi and Amma Have a Messy Day

I have never been the most orderly person. If I could leave my empty coffee mug on the coffee table (isn’t it what this piece of furniture is for?) for two straight days, I would. The only thing stopping me is the fact that after those two days are up, I will be the one who washes it. I am the mom around here, remember? Mom and the official dish washer. But since post-Aarabhi, I have tried to be as orderly as my will allows me to be. Sometimes, the will bends only so much hence, I find myself standing amidst a war zone-like messy living room as I type.

Whereas the husband, well, he is the clean one (how un-cliched is that?!). He picks up, he stowes things away, he organizes stuff- the trash, my closet (on rare occasions, of course), Aarabhi’s toys and sometimes if I beg him enough, the kitchen!  Anyway, baby Kohl decided to skip daycare today and spend the day with Amma. She forgot to give me the memo yesterday because I made huge plans to finish my exam, which consists of four huge essays on Economic Development, today. Needless to say, it did not happen. Instead, we made a mess.
ImageYes, good people, I said that we made a big fat awesome mess! The thing with Aarabhi is she loves showering herself with her toys. So when she decides it is playtime, she topples her huge basket of toys on herself and rolls in it with glee. Amma on the other hand, likes to put all her stuff out of her daughter’s reach. But before she did, she decided to take pictures of a portion of the mess they made. Personally, it felt good- to not pick up that dog and set him straight, to not gather all the paper Kohl and I tore up just like that and look for a trash can.

We rolled on the floor a little, she sloppy wet kissed me a few times and I made her giggle some. I did not let guilt nag me me about all the objects Aarabhi could have picked up and put in her mouth and my carelessly scattered books and pens and the giant laptop sitting amidst all this. It is fun to be silly sometimes and this was one of it.

When Aarabhi grows up, I hope she is as clean as her father is. But I also hope she has a little bit of my messy streak so that she can let herself go and not care about mess. At least for one afternoon. She has gotta have that gene somewhere in her, it is only biology.


As I sat looking at some good pictures I caught of Kohlrabi, she lay on my lap, patiently chewing the strap of my camera. Thankfully, I keep it clean. Else, it would have been an immunity-building exercise.

2 thoughts on “Aarabhi and Amma Have a Messy Day

  1. Sounds like you guys had an awesome mommy-baby afternoon! And come on, of COURSE she’s going to have a messy side, from our side of the family fosho! Let’s just hope it’s only a tiny side though, for her own sake😉

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